LM-0042 / UroLIfe D Dome Epithelial Complete Medium


LM-0042 / UroLIfe D Dome Epithelial Complete Medium

 UroLIfe D Dome Epithelial Complete Medium, LM-0042





UroLife D Complete Medium is a new medium optimized for the culture of human bladder epithelial cells - dome. UroLife D supports the growth of these cells over a period of at least 15 population doublings. UroLife D contains no antimicrobials and no phenol red; components that can cause cell stress and “masking effects” that may influence experimental results. Please call 877.845.7787 if you have any questions regarding the use of basal media. 

For more information about UroLife – DComplete Medium product, please visit our product specification sheetHERE.

For more product information, please visit our product specifications page HERE.



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