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번호 타이틀 저자 게시일
20 Human Migratory Meniscus Progenitor Cells Are Controlled via… Hayat Muhammad et al 11 November 2014,
19 GABAB receptors couple to Gαq to mediate increases in voltag… Andrew Karls andMichelle Mynlieff et al 28 AUG 2015
18 Spontaneous parthenogenesis in Mus musculus: Comparison of p… Ulrich Petzoldt et al December 1980
17 Mirabijalone E: A novel rotenoid from Mirabilis himalaica in… Lang Linghu et al 8 August 2014
16 Piwil2 Inhibits Keratin 8 Degradation through Promoting p38-… Siyuan Jiang et al November 2014
15 Differential gene expression profiling in the developed ovar… Pu Yang et al October 2009
14 SAM68 Regulates Neuronal Activity-Dependent Alternative Spli… Takatoshi Iijima et al 23 December 2011
13 Vasoprotective Effects of Urocortin 1 against Atherosclerosi… Akinori Hasegawa et al December 2, 2014
12 Polarization of tumor-associated macrophages and Gas6/Axl si… Kuo-Chou Chiu et al July 2015
11 Eukaryotic origin of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenas… Kiyotaka Takishita et al 15 July 2009
10 Cytokeratin in early hamster embryogenesis and parthenogenes… Carlos E. Plancha et al November 1991
9 Bioinformatic studies of vertebrate enolases: multifunctiona… Holmes et al 2011
8 Endosulfan induced the arrest of the cell cycle through inhi… Fang-Zi Guo et al 2015,4
7 In vivo growth suppression of CT-26 mouse colorectal cancer … T-C Chao et al (2014) 21
6 Identification of thiostrepton as a novel therapeutic agent … S-Y Ju et al 22 November 2014
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