DLG in gene therapy for myocardinal infraction


DLG in gene therapy for myocardinal infraction

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Nanotechnologies for Biological Applications

Day after day, our Customers & Partners are progressing to develop new therapies with Dendrigraft of L-Lysine from proof of concept at lab scale up to clinical trial in:

  • Targeting Drug/Gene Delivery
  • CNS Targeting
  • MRI Contrast Agent for Medical Imaging
  • Cell Culture
  • In Vivo Antibody Production
  • Growth Factors Controlled Release

More than 90 scientific publications about COLCOM's DGL are now available on our website.


Below, a recent publication about Gene Therapy for Myocardinal Infarction thanks to a double complexation made with DGL: a complexation with low molecular weight heparin to overcome the microvascular obstruction and another with miRNA to inhibit cardiomyocyte apoptosis.

Enjoy reading!

Dendrigraft of L-Lysine

Over the years, COLCOM has developed its know-how to specifically customize DGL for health applications.

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