About dendrimers


About dendrimers

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Product information / About dendrimers 

POLYMER : « poly » ~ « several times » / « meros » ~ « part of » :
A polymer is a substance characterized by the repetition of a unit (the monomer) in one or more directions.

DENDRIMER : « dendron » ~ « tree » :
A dendrimer is a polymer which develops by regular repetition of items with a « tree-like » structure.


The dendrimers are materials in the field of nanotechnology. It is a family of molecules discovered in 1980. It is therefore a relatively recent technology. Since then, the scientific production on the subject has exploded, from less than a dozen articles in the early 1990's to more than 1000 per year today and now follows an exponential growth. Just as the scientific production, industrial property on the technology of dendrimers is booming too, with more than 150 patents per year currently. Fields of application are, in fact, extremely broad. Since 2004, more than 150 companies and research institutions have each published at least 2 patent applications involving dendrimers.


A dendrimer has several parts:

- A core...
- Covered with successive « tree-like » layers (or generation) consisting of the repetition of a unit (monomer)...
- Ending by functionalized groups on the surface...
- And with internal cavities (host molecule)... 

These nano-molecules are synthesized step by step and therefore grow by successive recovering generations. 


The particularities of these nano-molecules are:

- A spherical cage structure with approximately 70% of free volume.
- A well-defined internal part that allows the encapsulation of active molecules.
- A multivalency property (high density of functions on the surface) to graft many compounds on the surface.
- A macromolecule with a low polydispersity. 

Today, all sectors, including those related to health, are interested in these nano-molecules. Their unique and well-defined structure, in fact, make them the ideal candidate to carry active molecules on their surface or at their core. 

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