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In many areas of applications, companies are currently thinking about the integration of nanotechnologies in their future products. Our ambition is that DGL be part of those choices. Because they are strictly made up of an essential amino acid, the L-Lysine, DGL are specifically designed for applications in the field of health. However, many areas of applications are possible for these nano-materials (diagnostic, textile, filter, and so on).

Our exclusive access to the technology, including the know-how which led to the invention of DGL, allows us to develop an expertise unique in the world. We can propose you our skills to work on the integration of a real breakthrough technology in your next product lines. For instance, you can entrust us with a specific mission of feasibility (surface modification, changes in the nature of heart, grafting, etc.) or to evaluate yourself the DGL properties. COLCOM also promotes access to its technology for its partners (exclusive license in a specific market) for the many opportunities available with this new family of compounds. Please contact us for further information:info@colcom.eu.


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