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30 Lenalidomide reduces survival of chronic lymphocytic leukemi… Angela Schulz et al March 28, 2013
29 The Ink4a Tumor Suppressor Gene Product, p19Arf, Interacts w… Jason Pomerantz et al 20 March 1998
28 Huntingtin-Associated Protein 1 Interacts with Breakpoint Cl… Pai-Tsang Huang et al February 11, 2015
27 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate up-regulates tumor suppressor gen… Mayada Achour et al 4 January 2013
26 Etomidate increases mortality in septic rats through inhibit… Yu Zhang et al January 2015
25 Intermittent fasting prevents the progression of type I diab… Teru Hideshima et al November 01, 2000
24 Bcl-2 inhibits p53 nuclear import following DNA damage Alexander Beham et al Oncogene (1997)
23 Targeted subendothelial matrix oxidation by myeloperoxidase … Martin D. Rees et al 15 December 2012
22 Garlic-derived diallyl disulfide modulates peroxisome prolif… Beatrice Pagliei et al February 2013
21 American Ginseng Suppresses Colitis through p53-Mediated Apo… Yu Jin et al February 23, 2010
20 DNA damage induces phosphorylation of the amino terminus of … Janet D. Siliciano et al Accepted November 3, 1997.
19 FtsZDr, a tubulin homologue in radioresistant bacterium Dein… Kruti Mehta Modi​ et al May 2014
18 Transcriptional Repression of the Anti-apoptoticsurvivin Gen… William H. Hoffman et al February 1, 2002
17 Histone Deacetylases Specifically Down-regulate p53-dependen… Li-Jung Juan et al July 7, 2000
16 A Novel Mechanism Underlying the Basic Defensive Response of… Takuya Iyoda et al May 1, 2014