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30 Bcl-2 inhibits p53 nuclear import following DNA damage Alexander Beham et al Oncogene (1997)
29 American Ginseng Suppresses Colitis through p53-Mediated Apo… Yu Jin et al February 23, 2010
28 Transcriptional Repression of the Anti-apoptoticsurvivin Gen… William H. Hoffman et al February 1, 2002
27 Intermittent fasting prevents the progression of type I diab… Teru Hideshima et al November 01, 2000
26 DNA damage induces phosphorylation of the amino terminus of … Janet D. Siliciano et al Accepted November 3, 1997.
25 DNA damage-inducible gene p33ING2 negatively regulates cell … Makoto Nagashima et al June 11, 2001
24 The Ink4a Tumor Suppressor Gene Product, p19Arf, Interacts w… Jason Pomerantz et al 20 March 1998
23 Histone Deacetylases Specifically Down-regulate p53-dependen… Li-Jung Juan et al July 7, 2000
22 Activation of the ATM Kinase by Ionizing Radiation and Phosp… Christine E. Canman et al September 1998
21 A Novel Mechanism Underlying the Basic Defensive Response of… Takuya Iyoda et al May 1, 2014
20 Targeted subendothelial matrix oxidation by myeloperoxidase … Martin D. Rees et al 15 December 2012
19 Garlic-derived diallyl disulfide modulates peroxisome prolif… Beatrice Pagliei et al February 2013
18 Huntingtin-Associated Protein 1 Interacts with Breakpoint Cl… Pai-Tsang Huang et al February 11, 2015
17 FtsZDr, a tubulin homologue in radioresistant bacterium Dein… Kruti Mehta Modi​ et al May 2014
16 Etomidate increases mortality in septic rats through inhibit… Yu Zhang et al January 2015
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