R36304BTN / PAX3 Antibody (Biotin Conjugate)

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PAX3 Antibody (Biotin Conjugate)
Catalog NumberR36304BTN
Family Antibody
Formulation 0.5 mg/ml in 1X TBS. pH7.3. with 0.5% BSA (US sourced) and 0.02% sodium azide
Qty100 ug
Format Biotin Conjugate
Host Animal Goat
Clonality Polyclonal (goat origin)
Isotype Goat Ig
Species Reactivity Human
Expected Species Reactivity Mouse.Rat.Cow
Application WB. ELISA (peptide)
Appl Details Western blot: 0.3-1ug/ml.ELISA (peptide) LOD: 1:32000
Application NoteOptimal dilution of the PAX3 antibody should be determined by the researcher.

1. This Ab can detect isoforms 1-7. ranging from 206-505 amino acids in length.

Status Available
LimitationThis PAX3 antibody is available for research use only.
Gene ID #5077
Uniprot #P23760
PurityAntigen affinity
DescriptionAdditional name(s) for this target protein: Paired box 3
ImmunogenAmino acids TTLAGAVPRMM were used as the immunogen for this PAX3 antibody. (1)
StorageAliquot and store the PAX3 antibody at -20oC.
get_image.php?catalog_no=R36304BTN&type=image1Western blot testing of human duodenum lysate with biotinylated PAX3 antibody at 0.5ug/ml. Predicted molecular weight: can detect 7 isoforms ranging from 22~56kDa.