Weigh Boats

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Weigh BoatsMTC Bio Weigh Boats are made of antistatic polystyrene and will withstand temperatures to… 더보기

myFuge 5™ 5mL Centrifuge

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myFuge 5™ 5mL CentrifugeThe MyFuge™ 5 microcentrifuge includes a four position rotor for compatibilt… 더보기

Autoclave & Biohazard Bags

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Autoclave & Biohazard BagsThese high temperature autoclavable bags are manufactured from heavy g… 더보기

Disposable Spreaders

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Disposable SpreadersThe MTC Bio line of bacteriological spreaders has been expanded to include four … 더보기

Transfer Pipettes

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Transfer PipettesThese unbreakable, one-piece pipettes eliminate contaminated rubber bulbs, broken g… 더보기

Inoculating Loops & Needles

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Inoculating Loops & NeedlesThese sterile disposable plastic loops and needles are designed for u… 더보기

Storage Racks and Boxes

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Storage Racks and BoxesTest Tube RacksMTC Bio’s benchtop tube racks are made of 100% polypropylene a… 더보기

SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling Bags

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SureSeal™ Sterile Sampling BagsSureSeal™ Bags are gamma sterilized, leaving a virgin interior surfac… 더보기

Western Blotting Film

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Western Blotting FilmBlu-Lite UHC™ is MTC Bio’s newest line of high contrast, high sensitivity autor… 더보기

인기 Western Blotting Boxes

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Western Blotting BoxesNo matter what size your Western blot is, there’s a box that fits it perfectly… 더보기

LABeler™ Lab Printer

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​The new LABeler™ Lab Printer provides the convenience of a lab pen with the benefits of a large de… 더보기

Solution/Reagent Reservoirs

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Solution/Reagent ReservoirsMTC Bio’s multi-channel solution reservoirs are designed for use with all… 더보기

ProPette™ Manual Pipette Controller

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ProPette™ Manual Pipette ControllerProPette™ MPC is the precise and easy to use manual pipette contr… 더보기

ProPette™ Electronic Pipette Controller

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ProPette™ Electronic Pipette ControllerProPette™ Controllers from MTC Bio™ are lightweight (only 6.3… 더보기

Universal Pipette Carousel Rack

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Universal Pipette Carousel RackThis pipette carousel rack is perfect for keeping your bench-top orga… 더보기