LM-0025 / RPMI 1640 Basal Medium


 LM-0025 / RPMI 1640 Basal Medium    RPMI 1640 Basal Medium

RPMI 1640 Basal Medium: LM-0025



RPMI 1640 is one of several media used for the culture of human peripheral blood cells. RPMI 1640 supports the maintenance of these cells and proliferation in the presence of the correct supplements. RPMI 1640 contains no antimicrobials since these components can cause cell stress and “masking effects” that may influence experimental results. Lifeline® offers these traditional supplements; however these are not needed, or recommended to achieve optimal cell performance. 

For more information about this product, please visit our product specifications page HERE

Lifeline Cell Technology's full list of product information can be found on our product specifications page HERE.
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