LM-0013    Fibrolife Xeno-Free Complete Medium


FibroLife Xeno-Free Complete Medium, 500 mL: LM-0013


FibroLife Xeno-Free (500 mL) is a new variation of our FibroLife cell culture medium optimized for culture of fibroblasts without the use of animal-derived components. FibroLife Xeno-Free supports the growth of these cells in a 2% human serum environment at rates equal to or greater than comparable media supplemented with 2-10% FBS. FibroLife Xeno-Free provides a perfect cell system to establish Xeno-Free human feeder layers for stem cell culture or as a model to study wound healing, toxicology or basic cell biology. FibroLife Xeno-Free is offered as a complete frozen medium with extended shelf-life of up to 2 years. 

For more information about this product, please visit our product specifications page HERE.
For more product information, please visit our product specifications page HERE.


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