인기 On-line capillary electrophoresis-based enzymatic methodolog…

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2015 JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A Coussot et alKeywords : capillary electrophoresis

인기 Taking Advantage of Electric Field Induced Bacterial Aggrega…

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2015 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Cottet et alKeywords : capillary electrophoresis

인기 A KISS (Keep It Simple, Sensor) Array for Glycosaminoglycans…

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2015 CHEM COMM Vial et al

인기 Integrin-mediated active tumor targeting and tumor microenvi…

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2015 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS Gao et alKeywords : tumor penetration and retention; bre… 더보기

인기 Harnessing the PEG-cleavable strategy to balance cytotoxicit…

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2016 JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B Ren et alKeywords : gene delivery; cancer therapy; PEG-cleavab… 더보기

인기 Biochip-based instruments development for space exploration:…

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2016 INTER. J. of ASTROBIOLOGY Coussot et alKeywords : Astrobiology; biochip; search for Extraterres… 더보기

인기 Dual Functional Peptide-Driven Nanoparticles for Highly Effi…

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2016 MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS Jiang et alKeywords : combination therapy; RNA interference; glioma dua… 더보기

인기 Application of biodegradable dendrigraft poly-Llysine to a s…

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2016 JOURNAL OF DRUG TARGETING Sasaki et alKeywords : dendrigraft poly-L-lysine; biodegradable; siRN… 더보기

인기 Dendrigraft polylysine coated-poly(glycolic acid) fibrous sc…

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2016 JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A Kojima et alKeywords : polylysine; neuron cultu… 더보기

인기 Grafting of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts onto polypropylene su…

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2013 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Robin et alKeywords : Dendrimers; Monolayer; Biologica… 더보기

Nanofibers Implant Functionalized by Neural Growth Factor as…

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2013 ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS Benkirane-Jessel et alKeywords : Neural growth factor; Bioenginee… 더보기

Brain-targeting delivery for RNAi neuroprotection against ce…

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2013 BIOMATERIALS Jiang et alKeywords : Dermorphin; Brain-targeting nanoparticles; RNAi; Apoptosis s… 더보기

인기 Choline transporter-targeting and co-delivery system for gli…

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2013 BIOMATERIALS Jiang et alKeywords : Cancer therapy; Choline transporter; Co-delivery; Dual targe… 더보기

인기 Collagen implants equipped with ‘fish scale’-like nanoreserv…

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2013 FUTURE MEDECINE Benkirane-Jessel et alKeywords : Bone morphogenetic protein 2; Bone regeneratio… 더보기

인기 Angiopep-Conjugated Nanoparticles for Targeted Long-Term Gen…

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2013 PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH Jiang et alKeywords : Angiopep-conjugated nanoparticles; Dendrigraft po… 더보기