MACROx / Next Generation Macrocycles    Next Generation Macrocycles


MACROx: Next Generation Macrocycles

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Macrocycles

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Macrocycles"The field has done well at producing technologies to serve as hit-identification plattforms. But it would be nice to try to identify lead-quality matter: ligands that have a certain affinity for a target and that also have desirable pharmacokinetic attributes for cell permeability 
and oral bioavailability.“ 

Spiros Liras VP CV, MD Pfizer, from: Kotz, J. Bringing macrocycles full circle. 
SciBX 2013, 5, doi:10.1038/scibx.2012.1176

AnalytiCon offers semi-synthetic macrocycles libraries from 6 chemotypes (MACROx).

Entropically favouredConformationally restricted yet flexible to adapt to binding siteExcellent synthetic access (semi-synthetic compounds)Macrocyclic library compounds - ready to screen

Macrocyclic Compounds (MACROx) available off-the-shelf:
> 1000 Macrocyclic Semi-Synthetic Compounds from 6 Scaffolds

SD files available. Please ask for a quotation.  

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