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NATx: Semi-Synthetic Screening Compound Library based on Natural Product Scaffolds

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - Location

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - MEGAboliteSynthetic screening compounds are often expected to be flat and very simple compounds, whereas natural products are often deemed to be too complex.

So why not focus on the advantages and combine both in order to create the perfect screening compound?

AnalytiCon’s NatDiverse™ concept starts with a carefully selected pure natural product – available on a kilogram scale – and generates lead-like screening compounds ready for MedChem. The underlying chemotypes are chemical entities with biological pre-validation. The design of the small molecule compound library employs Lipinski and Veber rules, known and innovative pharmacophore groups for straightforward follow-up chemistry and hit-to-lead optimization programs. 

Making use of highly evolved natural products and parallel chemistry, AnalytiCon’s unique three-dimensional screening compounds are designed to complement and enhance your screening compound collection. 

Simply simplify: Take advantage of nature’s diversity for discovery in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro-chemical industries.

The NATx Small Molelule Library at a glance:

More than 25,000 semi-synthetic screening compounds based on over 85 highly diverse chemotypes available off the shelfPurity of 92% on averageEnantiopurity > 98% with assigned relative and absolute stereochemistryLead-like physicochemical propertiesCherry-picking is welcomeHighly flexible formatting of screening compounds based your needsShort-term resupply ranging from single mg to supply on a multi-kg scaleSAR by catalogue for first hit-expansionFast SAR turnaround and H2L optimization


Download our latest screening library SDFiles 

Do you want even more novelty? Incorporate your ideas into our library design! Contact us for more details on our customized NATx libraries. 

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