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MEGx: Natural Product Screening Compounds

Analyticon Discovery GmbH - MEGAbolite

AnalytiCon Discovery is the world's leading manufacturer of pure natural product screening compounds isolated from plants and microorganisms. Our unique Natural Compound collection is one of the largest and most diverse commercially available pure and fully structure-elucidated screening compound collections on the market. 

As a starting point for discovery, AnalytiCon offers its pure natural products as screening compounds for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional and agrochemical industries. Our collection consists of a large number of pure diverse natural compounds (small molecules) with a high proportion of unpublished compounds.


Analyticon Discovery GmbH - MEGAboliteApplication of AnalytiCon’s proprietary MEGAbolite® technology (high-throughput isolation of pure natural products) leads to the highest levels of sustainable production of natural compounds with a high degree of resupply. The reliable in-house production always starts from natural sources: either from isolated microbial strains (of terrestrial or marine origin) or plant material (several partitions with different chemical profiles).

Characteristics of the MEGx collection:

  • 3,900 MEGxp: Pure natural compounds from plants
  • 1,300 MEGxm: Pure natural compounds from microorganisms
  • High novelty rate of at least 50%
  • Fully elucidated structure
  • Purity is more than 90% on average
  • Identity of each natural product is confirmed by LC/MS and NMR
  • Cherry-picking of individual natural products is welcome
  • Highly flexible formatting of compounds based on the customer’s needs
  • Short-term resupply is possible by using additional plant materials and reliable strain storage
  • Rapid supply of analogs for initial structure activity relationship (SAR)
  • Multi-gram scale-up within 6 to 9 months

To get just an impression on the structural diversity of our screening compound collection of pure natural products please browse through the list of selected known natural products (structure, name and CAS number). Simply ask for a quote by sending the requested ordernumber and amount to If you are interested in structure and substructure search and many more interesting known and new compounds, please try our site at eMolecules or download our latest SDFiles.


Download our latest screening library SDFiles

With over 20 years of experience in the field of natural product research, we offer our expertise in all kinds of services related to natural compounds; if required even up to total synthesis.  

Just contact us - we are happy to support you in any way we can.
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